Spencer Brown is truly the last of a dying breed of raw, east coast, urban street skateboarding. Present day in 2016 as i see him skate through the streets it reminds me of the OG LOVE Park era in the early 1990’s to around 1999. And a few early years in the 2000 era. The only problem is that he does Switch Hardflips and Switch Backsides to Switch Backside Flips out. The dudes manny game is impeccable! If you ever get a chance to watch him skate in person, sit down and watch for a bit because he’s one of those guys.. hahahaha
Well to end this bio on my dude the only way I know how to, i conclude with this:
I believe in Spencer 100% and I can tell you he is a good dude and has a great circle of friends around him. I can rely on him any and everytime. 2016 will be a great year for The King of Baltimore! I already know this guys talent and skill level, so when I say this is just the beginning for Spencer, I ain’t BS’in ya. He is the truth. I’m very proud of you Spencer!

Brian Wenning