first caught wind of Dontae through my Baltimore connect Spencer Brown. Spencer co signed Dontae over the phone as he and I were talking one day. As these situations usually go, I trust Spencer’s judgment to co-sign someone and bring them aboard. I back Spencer to the point where I didn’t even need to see any footage of Dontae skate. Spencer was talking to me about Dontae during the phone conversation, and I had to stop him, bc i like phone calls short and to the point, and I asked him “Do you back him 100%?” Spencer replied with a “Yes” - I said “OK he’s on!” That my friends is how it really should be done. And we did it that way, our way, the Lockdown way. So thats how Dontae got put on Lockdown.
A few months later, we had our infamous Long Branch Skatepark here in Jersey redone and turned into a cement plaza. In my eyes its the best park on the East Coast to date. Anyways Spencer brought Dontae with him to skate the new plaza and meet everyone in about five mins they completely murdered the plaza. I knew Dontae was an actual real good dude within those short first 5 minutes I met him. So yea Dontae Benjamin is that real deal Baltimore East Coast uncut street shit! For me, it was a breath of fresh air to see some true east coast skateboarding at its finest. With every kid following the next trend, Dontae does the opposite .
Be on the lookout for this dude in a city near you. Kid is ridiculous...
Brian Wenning